FAPE4ALL - Special Education Advocacy

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OUR MISSION Fape4All is dedicated to supporting students, families, and educators in the Special Education community by providing direct advocacy services and empowering parents and families of children with disabilities to be effective advocates by building their knowledge of special education law and teaching them the skills necessary to productively and successfully participate in the processes and procedures involved therein.

About Us 

As a child with a learning disability I was fortunate to have the best advocate a child can have, my mom (Shala Malek pictured to the left).  Because of Shala's uncompromising dedication to my education, I not only graduated from La Jolla Country Day High School, but also went on to graduate from Pepperdine University (BS 2002), Chapman University & Pepperdine School of Law (JD 2006), and the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution (MDR 2013).  

This nonprofit organization is established in honor of my mother and all parents who work beyond the pain of their struggle to accomplish the very best possible life for their children.  Bottom line…we are here to help ensure all children receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (F.A.P.E.) by any means necessary.

Thank you for empowering us to continue to help more parents of children with special needs secure a free appropriate public education.  Shawn has been successfully helping parents  since 2005 :-) Remember...We are here for you today to help you prepare for next year!